Access Statement For Wentworth House


Wentworth House is located in the small village of Aldbrough, we are central to many of the attractions in the surrounding area and provide a convenient touring base. We provide one ground floor bedroom that is accessible for wheelchair users with assistance


Text phone – Not available

Fax - On request

Wireless Internet available.

Website accessibility - fonts can be enlarged.

Public Transport:

Local buses run in the morning to Hull (12 miles to City centre) during the day to Hornsea (5 miles to Town centre) and Withernsea and return early evening.

We accept pre-arranged deliveries for guests

Nearest equipment hire services, Hedon & Hornsea (5 miles)

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

There is one designated parking place for disabled guests, who can park within 4 metres of the room entrance. Other places can be reserved if required. Assistance with entry is provided if requested. The car park is a combination of tarmac, Concrete & paving slabs, and is well lit.

The route from the car park to the main entrance of the hotel is on a slight slope. Entry to the games room/gallery is via 3 steps or a ramp with hand rails.

Contact phone number is displayed externally. External bells are available.

Provision for dogs is provided on request.

Most signs are pictorial.

Main Entrance & Reception

The Hotel is on a slope. The main entrance at the rear has 3 steps into the doorway, which has a raised lip. The opening is 860mm.The front entrance has 7 steps from Wentworth Grove and generally this entrance is not used by any guests.

Entry to the downstairs accommodation is level. There is a doorstep 1 inch high. The door entrance is 730mm

Assistance is provided on request for arrival, but guests who require assistance other than for arrival and checking in should make their own arrangements.

Additional keys to rooms are available.

Seating is available in all of the downstairs rooms.

All guests are provided with a tour of the Hotel facilities.

Reception is normally manned from 8:00am to 9:00pm

Public Areas - General (Internal)

All but one room is on the first floor. The first floor is accessible via a staircase 790mm wide. The first floor corridor is 1100mm wide.

Access on the ground floor from the ground floor accommodation is level, apart from a ramp into the dining room. There are fire doors in every room, these are normally kept closed, but can be left open when staff are in attendance. The Hotel is carpeted throughout, apart from the entrance hall which is tiled and a downstairs toilet which has laminate flooring.

All areas are uniformly lit.

Public Areas - WC

The downstairs toilet does not have disabled facilities

Outdoor Facilities

The Garden is not suitable for unaided wheelchair access.


The ground floor bedroom is accessible for wheelchair users with assistance. All bedrooms have laminate flooring in the bathrooms and the bedrooms are carpeted. Sockets are accessible in the ground floor room for wheelchair users.

Contact Information

Tel 01964527246